Our Services

Complete Tree Services (Qld) takes pride in being able to handle any job regardless of size. When you call in a tree company, it should deliver on all levels of service to give your home or business the optimum look. This includes having the right number of arborists on hand and cutting-edge equipment in order that the work is completed to the customers needs.

There are many benefits to using a licensed tree service company, the most important being safety. Complete Tree Services (Qld) uses several methods — from Cherry Pickers to cabling and rigging — to remove a tree. This allows us to take into consideration its location, if it’s in a tight spot or near power lines, its size and clearance distance from the nearest structure.

As we’ve been around for so long, we know what is most important to our clients:

  • A good, clean job — we perform to your satisfaction, we clean up each site like it was our own home.
  • A fair competitive price — we work with you in advance to determine what’s in your best interest.
  • No surprises or hassles — who wants to deal with that?
  • Someone trustworthy to call next time — that’s why we do what we do!

Tree Removal

This service is crucial for several reasons, including the extraction of diseased, dead or dying trees that are as much an eyesore as they are a safety issue. When it comes to fresh landscaping ideas or new construction plans, we can remove and replace existing trees as necessary.

Pruning, Trimming & Reduction

If left unattended, a tree can grow in awkward directions and may eventually die due to being overweighted by debris or infested by insects. That’s where periodic maintenance via pruning, trimming, thinning and reduction comes into play. Our Complete Tree Services (Qld) tree crews are skilled at reducing the size of a tree and strategically removing specific branches, deadwood and debris, thereby shaping the tree and making it more pleasing to the eye. This also extends a tree’s lifespan. We consider this an art form, and we take pride in our work.

Stump Grinding

When we say, we have the latest equipment that can do the job more efficiently, we mean it. Have you ever tried to remove a tree stump on your own? It’s no fun doing it the old-fashion way. Instead, Complete Tree Services (Qld) uses a high-powered stump grinder, which grinds the stump and roots into small chips. In some cases, a chemical treatment can be used post-removal to deter further growth and expansion.

NOTE: It is not recommended to leave a stump in place, as it can be a breeding ground for insects as well as dragging down the overall appearance of a property.


There is nothing worse than having a dead or dying branch hanging from your trees. Not only can this cause injury if and when it falls down but it also impedes on the aesthetic or what would normally be a beautiful tree. Don’t wait until it is too late and ensure that your family and yard is safe with the proper removal of the affected branch.

Arboricultural Reports and Consultations

When instigating any tree work on your property you may encounter regulations set forth by the City Council when trees on your land or others are classed as “protected vegetation”. Our team is led by our Level 5 Arborist who is qualified to provide the required reporting as directed by City Council. Our Arborists can discuss any concerns or issues that you may have and advise on the correct course of action regarding your tree care.

As a consultant, our Arborist inspects the tree for health, vigour, lifespan, form and any disease that may be evident. He can also provide recommendations on the short and long term management of any trees that you require.

Planting and Watering

At a loss as to what tree or shrub would be the best pick for your property? Take out all of the hard work and just ask our expert crew. We can recommended the best trees for your yard taking into consideration the placement and climate. Not only that but we will also source, supply and do all of the planting for you. Once your new landscape is up and running with a detailed watering plan we can provide you with ongoing maintenance of your new trees to make sure they are looking their best all year round.

Firewood and Mulch

Here at Complete Tree Services (Qld) we believe in a happier, greener future so we don’t let anything go to waste. We can provide quality aged hardwood that is perfect for your home. This firewood is best for your wood heaters, stoves, BBQs and pizza ovens.

Mulch is the most affordable way to keep trees, gardens and landscapes healthy. Not only does it retain vital moisture but it helps regulate the soil temperature and prevents the growth and spreading of weeds. Complete Tree Services (Qld) can provide you with quality aged forest mulch that will keep your garden looking spectacular all year long.